Enjoy the Journey

Enjoy the Journey

  • Martin Wood, Editor in Chief

I love to go on a bike ride. I love the feeling of being the motor of my own momentum, watching the scenery change as I pedal each mile away. I’ve always appreciated the small details that you get to see from a bike that you miss when you travel the same path in a car. As the wind whistles past my ears and my breath finds a rhythm that compliments the rotation of my legs on the pedals, I wonder why I never noticed that playground, building, garden, sign, house, field, or that amazing view of the beach before that moment.

What we experience in life all comes down to speed. It’s difficult to notice things that are important when we’re racing by, pushing the limits, focused on only the destination with little appreciation for the journey. But the journey is so incredibly important. The journey determines how much we appreciate the destination. The journey is what defines us, gives us challenges to embrace, and provides opportunities for us to grow.

The reviews, perspectives, and research in this issue of The PLAID Journal take us through the journey of creating and nurturing life. It is dedicated to the moms, dads, and parents-to-be who need to know that they are not alone. Life with diabetes is hard. Add to that a pregnancy, and it gets even harder, along with all of the normal necessities of life that include a career, school, bills, deadlines, and the thousand other responsibilities that can pop up with little to no warning on a daily basis. Even for those of us without children, pregnancy and diabetes is something we can all appreciate, if for no other reason than the sheer number of additional hoops that must be jumped through to find success.

This issue is for those of us that simply need to know that someone “gets it” when it comes to the thoughts and feelings that we have about pregnancy and diabetes. It’s that defiant voice that stands up and acknowledges that it is absolutely possible to have a perfectly healthy child when we have diabetes. Too often we accept that people with diabetes can’t or shouldn’t have babies, yet the evidence suggests otherwise, and we see people overcoming obstacles every day to nurture and grow their families. I am inspired to see so many amazing and courageous people in this issue who are proving to the world that we can do this, even with diabetes.

So don’t hurry any more than you have to. Take your time, and enjoy this journey. It’s the only one that you are guaranteed to get. Whether this journey leads you down a road filled with new life and diabetes, or not, the destination will be so much more rewarding because you took the time to appreciate everything along the way.


DOI: http://dx.doi.org/10.17125/plaid.2015.58

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