Why Publish with Us


We appreciate the high quality that researchers in diabetes and related fields have come to expect from journals featuring their work and publications. All original research, review articles, and case studies in The PLAID Journal undergo extensive review using a double blind peer review process, making sure that your content is held to the same high standards as traditional paid subscription diabetes journals.

No Costs

The PLAID Journal is dedicated to removing obstacles that impede better living with diabetes. As such, research, reviews, and perspectives published in The PLAID Journal are openly available and free to share worldwide. The PLAID Journal does not charge subscription or author fees.


Your work will be promoted on social media, at professional conferences, and among the diabetes community. We provide article level metrics for all authors on the number of downloads and views. We will also be providing metrics that reflect conversations happening around PLAID articles on social media. We feel that these metrics, or “altmetrics,” provide a much more accurate picture of the impact and reach of our articles than the traditional impact factor.


The PLAID Journal includes research and perspectives that encourage dialogue between healthcare professionals and people living with diabetes. PLAID aims to gain from the insights of individuals, families, friends, colleagues, advocates, healthcare professionals, and researchers who work to raise awareness of and create solutions to the complexities of living with diabetes. Our ultimate goal is to bridge gaps between research and people living with diabetes.


The PLAID Journal editorial team uses an accelerated publication timeline to ensure that timely information is made accessible to its audience of researchers, healthcare providers, and people living with diabetes.


The PLAID Journal receives generous support from the Charlotte Edwards Maguire Medical Library and the Florida State University College of Medicine.

Interested in submitting to PLAID?

Authors need to be registered and logged in prior to submitting.

PLAID welcomes the following types of articles:

1. Original Research Articles: present a medical or scientific advance about a topic of importance to the diabetes community.

2. Research Reports: describe interesting and important findings related to diabetes but whose results are suggestive rather than definitive.

3. Case Studies: report a novel or innovative resolution of a problem or issue important to diabetes.

4. Review Articles: summarize a clinical research article, policy, or major advancement related to diabetes.

5. Audience Perspective Editorials: relate personal experiences on a topic important to diabetes. 

We recommend that you review the About the Journal page for the journal's section policies, as well as the Author Guidelines.