Writing about Diabetes? We Need You!


The PLAID Journal is an open access, peer-reviewed, interdisciplinary diabetes journal that aims to improve the way we live with diabetes. Your work can help make that happen.

We want to feature your writing and research to make the lives of people with diabetes better, and help you make an impact on the professional and patient communities that you serve. We welcome your submissions in any of the following diabetes-related topic areas:

  • Education, communication, and support
  • Pregnancy and family planning
  • Insurance, healthcare policies, and costs of care
  • Emerging technologies, innovation, and patient trends
  • Benefits of a healthy lifestyle, including nutrition, exercise, and diabetes therapies
  • Physical and mental health impacts of living with diabetes
  • …and more! If it helps a person living with diabetes, we want to see it.

PLAID is dedicated to removing obstacles that impede better living with diabetes, including both subscription and author fees. The PLAID Journal’s research, reviews, audience perspectives, and resources to move people forward are openly available and free to share worldwide thanks to the efforts and generous support of the Charlotte Edwards Maguire Medical Library and the Florida State University College of Medicine.

Interested in submitting to PLAID?

Authors need to be registered and logged in prior to submitting.

PLAID welcomes the following types of articles:

1. Original Research Articles: present a medical or scientific advance about a topic of importance to the diabetes community.

2. Research Reports: describe interesting and important findings related to diabetes but whose results are suggestive rather than definitive.

3. Case Studies: report a novel or innovative resolution of a problem or issue important to diabetes.

4. Review Articles: summarize a clinical research article, policy, or major advancement related to diabetes.

5. Audience Perspective Editorials: relate personal experiences on a topic important to diabetes. 

We recommend that you review the About the Journal page for the journal's section policies, as well as the Author Guidelines.

If you have questions, please Contact Us.